2-D robot asset pack- Starter pack

A complete starter pack of 2-D robot assets to help you design and concept quickly

A fully functioning asset pack that allows you to create new and interestign robot designs quickly and easily , included in the asset pack are

  • Complete head, body and leg shapes
  • Hands, feet, facial features
  • Accessories and decals to customize your robot
  • Complete instructions for installation and use
  • 5 color variations with full customization controls

Your Instructor


"With over 20 years in tattooing it was a natural progression into the world fo digital art for me, and 7th Season Studios was a way to bring my love of art to a place where I can be of value.I have always been an entrepreneur and running a graphic arts based business has allowed me to help more people than I could in any other venue. We teach people the skills to take real actionable steps that allow them to take their vision and create real change."

"As founder of 7th Season Studios it has been a natural place to teach and practice entrepreneurship .7th Season Studios is all about 1 key concept that makes us different than any other service out there....we focus on 1 fundamental concept when we design courses and build products

Application Through Creation

All of our courses teach the concepts through creating a portfolio pieces....some are fun, some are silly, but some are serious and intense when we create them......but each course has you as the CREATIVE actually CREATING I firmly believe the future of value is knowledge work , and in the digital age we are in a prime position to develop these skills early on"

With courses in photography, illustration and cinematography and motion graphics 7th season studio has been wildly successful in a variety of platforms including Udemy and skillshare

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can i download these for after I sign up
As long as we host it here.....and we have no plans to move out any time soon....lol
Can I use these for commercial projects
Create with them........personally or commercially, but do not be a scumbag and redistribute, sell em or pass them off as yours....in short be a decent human being and karma will reward ya .
What if I am unhappy with the set
Then just delete it .....it was free after all......and then don't bitch about it

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